Examination Prep Tips

Understanding and using PMBOK is like learning a language as PMBOK has its own vocabulary and rules. To be fluent as a Project Manager you must know the PMBOK terminology, knowledge areas and processes inside out.

Study PMBOK thoroughly. Read it through multiple times! You need to be completely familiar with the knowledge areas and how the Body of Knowledge is applied in each of the processes.

There is a benefit from undertaking learning about the themes and principles of PMBOK in a group environment led by an experienced Project Manager and trainer. When learning in a group environment you attain knowledge and experience from others on the course in addition to the content being delivered. Also, embrace any opportunity to take practice tests.

As you select the correct answer for each question record it on the answer sheet, not on the booklet of questions. Candidates who postpone recording their selections on the answer sheet may run out of time and fail!

You may be surprised at how quickly you have to move through the exam. It may be helpful to set milestones such as:

  • At 25% through the allotted time you should be on question number X,
  • By 50% through the allotted time you should be on question Y

Have or develop a rhythm. To make best use of your time, when appropriate skip a question you are wrestling with and defer it to the end. Avoid feeling pressured or flustered and return to the challenging questions afterwards.

In the last minutes of the allotted time, any questions that you really don't know the answer to, you may as well make your best guess! You may find that you guessed the correct option.  Try to answer all questions.

Wishing you GOOD SUCCESS!