Article III - Membership:

Section 1. Membership in this organization is voluntary and shall be open to any eligible person interested in furthering the purposes of the organization. Membership shall be open to all eligible persons without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, marital status, national origin, religion, or physical or mental disability.

Section 2. Membership in the PMI SCC requires membership in PMI. The PMI SCC shall not accept as members any individuals who have not been accepted as PMI members, and shall not create its own membership categories.

Section 3: Members shall be governed by and abide by the PMI Bylaws and by the bylaws of the PMI SCC and all policies, procedures, rules and directives lawfully made thereunder.

Section 4: All members shall pay the required PMI and Component membership dues to PMI and in the event that a member resigns, membership dues shall not be refunded by PMI or the PMI SCC.

Section 5: Membership in the PMI SCC shall terminate upon the member’s resignation, failure to pay dues or expulsion from membership for just cause.

Section 6: Members who fail to pay the required dues for three (3) months shall be delinquent and their names removed from the official membership list of the PMI SCC. A delinquent member may be reinstated by payment in full of all unpaid dues for PMI and the PMI SCC to PMI.

Section 7: Upon termination of membership in the PMI SCC, the member shall forfeit any and all rights and privileges of membership.

Section 8. The membership database and listings provided by PMI to the PMI SCC may not be used for commercial purposes and may be used only for non-profit purposes directly related to the business of the PMI SCC, consistent with PMI policies.