Article I – Name, Area of Operation, Principal Office and Relationship to PMI:

Section 1. This organization shall be called the Project Management Institute, Southern Caribbean Chapter (hereinafter “the PMI SCC”). This organization is a CHAPTER, chartered by the Project Management Institute, Incorporated (hereinafter “PMI®”) and separately incorporated as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation (or equivalent) organized under the laws of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.

Section 2. The area of operation of the Chapter is the Caribbean islands with the exception of Jamaica, Barbados and Puerto Rico.

Section 3. The principal office of the PMI SCC shall be located in PORT-OF-SPAIN in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Section 4. The PMI SCC is responsible to the duly elected PMI Board of Directors and is subject to all PMI policies, procedures, rules and directives lawfully adopted.

Section 5. The PMI SCC shall meet all legal requirements in the jurisdiction(s) in which the PMI SCC conducts business or is incorporated/registered.

Section 6. The bylaws of the PMI SCC may not conflict with the current PMI’s Bylaws and all policies, procedures, rules or directives established or authorized by the PMI Board of Directors as well as with the CHAPTER’s Charter with PMI.

Section 7. The terms of the Charter executed between the PMI SCC and PMI, including all restrictions and prohibitions, shall take precedence over these Bylaws and other authority granted hereunder.