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Versatility in Times of Economic Adjustments:
Doing More with Less

The only constant is change”…   “This is the new norm”…

Those clichés have often been repeated since the global economic crisis of 2008. Trinidad and Tobago is in the midst of its own economic crisis and for many families and businesses those two sayings are as relevant today as it was almost ten years ago.

With its mono economy, Trinidad and Tobago is grappling with a shock that many of our regional neighbors have been contending with and managing for over two decades.  They have had to weather many storms literally and figuratively and have had no choice but to be extremely versatile - “doing more with less”. 

It is no longer an option but an imperative - Trinidad and Tobago MUST do the same! 

This 2017 Project Management Conference is not simply narrative—we have had many of those. It is a CALL TO ACTION - to use and share our Project Management training and knowledge to build a better public and private business environment.

During the two days of presentations, workshops and networking there will be many opportunities to sharpen those skill-sets gained over time, as well as to acquire new skills and perspectives on issues that may have plagued the Project Management environment.

The aim of this Conference is to ensure that all attendees leave with an arsenal of tools that are applicable and transferrable in fostering creativity and practicality, efficiency and fiscal prudence in their professional and personal lives.